Daily Sightseeing Tours

As Key Assistance Daily Tour Company, we offer you the opportunity to visit the most popular cities and touristic places of Turkey with our professional staff, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter and the latest equipped luxury cars used by our own drivers and our services located in the most popular tourism regions of our country. Our regional daily tour services vary according to the cities.

Business Transfer Service

Key Assistance Bussiness Transfer Company, with its experienced staff, well-maintained, insured and certified Vip vehicles, we provide service to you and your guests with our experienced staff by combining the comfort of a mobile office with the hotel concept for elite businessmen, senior executives and guests coming to our country for business purposes with a friendly and quality approach based on Turkish guest behaviour.

Class of Gulets and Yachts

  • Standard Gulets: Generally around 20 metres in length, the most modestly equipped cabins and toilets are not very large, but wooden boats with dimensions and qualities that can meet all your needs fall into this class. Standard gulets appeal to almost every budget.
  • Luxury Gulets: This class of boats are the boats that are produced with more luxurious materials starting from the construction stage and are equipped with air conditioning and generator systems to meet all kinds of needs of the guests whose saloons, cabins, bathrooms are very luxuriously furnished.
  • Modern Yachts: Although modern yachts are manufactured from a wide variety of techniques and materials, they are categorised under two main headings: cruising with the machine (Motor yacht), cruising with the wind (called. Fibreglass and steel are generally used in their manufacturing.

Airport Transfer Service and VIP Service

Key Assistance Airport Transfer company operates in Turkey’s most famous seaside resorts and metropolitan cities, so it meets your airport transfer needs 24/7 with its large and comfortable vehicle fleet and has a support team that you can fly at any time of the day. Regardless of your budget, Key Assistance Airport Transfer will meet all your airport transfers at the most affordable prices with luxury vehicle or economy vehicle options and our experienced and friendly staff will meet you or your guests at the airports you have specified to us on time and allocate the vehicle you have requested for you.

VIP Minibus and Bus Transfers

With our Vip Minibuses and Vip Buses that we have prepared for crowded groups, we respond to the demands of every customer group, no matter how many people.

Helicopter Charter in Turkey

The traffic problem, which is growing day by day, has started to bring some special demands in densely populated cities. In today’s world where the most important thing in life is to overcome traffic problems, especially in metropolises such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya, renting a helicopter will be a very good alternative to this problem. You can avoid missing many things with helicopter travels, which is a multifunctional aircraft that can be used for medical transportation, holiday or business purposes.

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