Assistance Services

Hospital Admission Procedures

Key Assistance is your first point of contact for hospital admission and referral services. Simplified and streamlined processes provide the fastest access to a variety of services offered by healthcare institutions in Turkey and around the world, providing solutions to the various healthcare needs of businessmen or medical tourists

Cost Control

It provides the following solutions to all institutions that make health expenditures, insurance, etc:

  • Exclusive package/list price agreements with hospitals and clinics
  • Cost controls on reports and invoices
  • Line-by-line invoice controls and discounts on the basis of treatment process
  • Affordable and sustainable price guarantees
  • Continuous analyses and market research on health expenditure in pursuit of optimal conditions
  • Ongoing reliable pricing and billing practices with healthcare organisations

Land Ambulance

When a patient needs to be transferred to a more appropriate medical institution, Key Assistance’s extensive network of land ambulances provides bed-to-bed transfers for hotel, hospital, airport transfers and medical escort missions. The service enables customers to benefit from both high quality and economical land ambulance solutions in Turkey and worldwide

Funeral Arrangement Services

Key Assistance offers international standard funeral assistance services for the repatriation of a body or a funeral service in Turkey. Key Assistance has been providing this critical support to many clients for many years in the management of global funeral transfers.

Payment Guarantee

With fully accredited providers across the country, Key Assistance provides payment guarantees as part of the medical cost control process. The payment guarantee speeds up the decision-making process and medical procedures by ensuring that the patient receives the right and appropriate service at the right time. It clarifies and strengthens the processes between insurance, assistance companies and hospitals.

Medical Transfer

Key Assistance Turkey’s medical escort services promise reliable bed-to-bed professional medical transfer services by land or air. In case the patient needs to be repatriated or transferred to a more appropriate medical institution, Key Assistance Turkey prefers a more cost-effective medical escort service instead of a private air ambulance in non-emergency situations, if medically appropriate.

Medical Second Opinion

International Assistance companies are questioning the requirements and costs of medical procedures more today than in the past. Key Assistance offers a fully transparent and clear second opinion service in Turkey, based on its extensive medical quality and cost management experience. It supports all the necessary operational support for insurance and healthcare companies to fulfil their healthcare requirements in Turkey and worldwide, backed by many years of medical “knowhow”.

Call Centre

Key Assistance offers reliable, professional and high quality assistance services in 4 main languages.

Hotel Booking

Key Assistance contracted hotels offer reliable hotel reservation services to customers travelling to Turkey for business and other purposes. For 14 years, hotel reservation services have made life easier for tourists, foreign nationals living in Turkey and medical tourism or business travellers, ensuring the continuity and safety of their travels with the assurance of Key Assistance.

Translator Arrangement

Key Assistance provides assistance services with its reliable, professional and high quality team providing services in 4 main languages. Thanks to the Key Assistance translator network, which is prepared based on the importance of effective case management and communication, the assistance needs of our customers are supported by providing translations into all languages of the world.

Contracted Hotels


Key Assistance, by mastering the entire treatment process of the client, brings you together with the most accurate and qualified doctors where you can get quality service in every country of the world, especially in Turkey.

Today, people feel good about themselves and make people at peace with themselves in every sense; In his social life, it ensures that he is confident and strong.

In addition to Key Assistance, Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery services; Hair transplantation, which aims to eliminate the shape or dysfunctions caused by birth anomalies, accidents and diseases, offers aesthetic and medical solutions to people with treatments that change the quality of life such as oral and dental health, bariatric and metabolic surgeries, eye treatments, thermal treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments, elderly care.

The hospitals and clinics we have contracted in the countries we serve are accredited and certified by the relevant ministries.


Beyond the traditional insurance and assistance service, Key Assistance is a way of restoring people to health with a much more humane approach than known methods; It is a new generation assistance company dedicated to helping and protecting people, providing more protective, more affordable and more comprehensive services to companies, government agencies and individuals.

With our 360-degree assistance service, which belongs only to us in the world, we can bring patients all over the world together with health institutions all over the world: our global service network, our 7/24 Call Center, our doctors, our expert team, our online medical hotline, air, land and sea transfer support to ensure that our patients are treated and return to their countries in a healthy way. In this process, we evaluate the reports of our patients; We provide feedback in the fastest way, share the treatment method and process with the institution, organize visa, transfer, accommodation processes and manage the treatment process in the health institution.

We work to increase the quality of life of our customers we serve around the world and to bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Anytime, Anywhere


Key Assistance aims to provide the best service to our individual and corporate customers by supplying all kinds of medical devices and consumables used in patient examination, treatment and examinations. Working in an integrated manner with all our suppliers internationally, we both supply and deliver state-of-the-art medical devices and medical consumables.

We deliver our wide range of medical supplies to our customers all over the world and bring fast and complete solutions to health problems. With our innovative products in the field of medical technology, many treatment procedures become more effective, more cost-effective and at the same time less stressful for patients. To ensure that health professionals provide better quality services; and to make patients’ daily lives easier.

Key Assistance has a company strategy that aims to benefit the patient with its existing infrastructure in sales and marketing. Our doctors and expert team help to choose the most suitable device for the need during the sales period and to use the product correctly with after-sales product training and technical services.

Key Assistance works with the goal of delivering the high quality medical devices and medical consumables you need to reduce your costs, manage time or organize your service processes.


Today, it is the greatest determinant knowledge in the shaping of individuals and societies. For this reason, the most effective way to lead organizations to success is to ensure that their employees have access to the right information at the right time in the right way. As Key Assistance Education, we are working to increase the institutions we serve and to create managers and employees with the right motivation.

By conducting a study including Finance, Marketing, Informatics, Social sciences, Agriculture, Public administration and communication, especially in health, we determine the content and processes of education according to the employee profile. At the beginning of the training, we analyze the resources, capabilities and experiences necessary for the institutions to achieve sustainable and desired business results and aim for maximum target efficiency as a result of the training. Apart from the training packages we have created ourselves, we can create institution-specific training programs in line with the needs and demands of the institution and support the development of our customers’ human resources, determination of management systems and increasing service quality.

We set out to produce quality trainings that are accessible anytime, anywhere. Our aim is to be a bridge between the academic world and the business world in an international dimension, to ensure that individuals and institutions receive education with modern education methods and to increase their skill levels. For this purpose; In our global network, we have become a brand in the education sector and serve all over the world with our solution partners.

In line with the goals of your organization, we are working to customize your in-house trainings you need and to turn the potential of your employees into performance.


The software company founded by Key Assistance as a result of its years of experience and expertise in the health sector; is a technology company that provides software services to healthcare organizations. In line with the changing needs and demands of the health sector, with its software created by an expert and experienced software team with health professionals, it plays a leading role in keeping up with the digitalizing world and facilitates the business lives of HR users.

Key Assistance is a brand that can develop effective software ideas that will create value for its customers with its expert human resources and corporate accumulation, and works with a customer and quality-oriented service understanding. According to the findings made as a result of the needs analysis, offering special solutions to each company; By knowing the dynamics of the sector, it is able to predict future expectations.

Key Assistance plays an active role in the digital transformation of organizations serving in the healthcare industry, and carries its customers into the future with its solutions and technologies.

Meet Key Assistance services for today and tomorrow of your organisations