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to Come to Turkey?

Turkey is a country that combines many advantages such as its geographical location, being a tourism country, advanced health technology, quality health care and economic prices. Thanks to Key Assistance, which is a direct representative of a health institution, you can have a pleasant holiday after you arrive in Turkey and complete your treatments without any difficulty in the transportation process.

Turkey’s health institutions are in a position to compete with Western countries in terms of technological infrastructure. It is the leader of the region in the infrastructure of Training and Research Hospitals. In addition, Turkey ranks 2nd in the world in terms of the number of hospitals accredited by JCI.

Doctors in Turkey are subjected to a few years of specialization training after completing a challenging medical education in a period of 6 years. Doctors who start their duties in a well-equipped manner perform their duties in the best way in technologically advanced hospitals.

More than 200 thousand international students from 182 countries of the world are studying at universities in Turkey. Turkey, which has developed further in the field of education with the investments made in recent years, is among the top 10 countries in the world that “host the most international students”.

Diplomas you will receive from universities in Turkey, which have geographical location and economic advantage in education as well as in the field of health, are valid all over the world. In this way, you can freely make your career plans after graduation.

There are accommodation options for every budget in every city of Turkey. There are many dormitories opened for university students both by the government and by private institutions.

In order for you not to have language problems in Turkey, we provide you with translation services in different languages, especially Turkish, English, Arabic, French and Russian, throughout your treatment process. Students, on the other hand, can participate in Turkish training offered by TÖMER. TÖMER has an extensive teaching network and conducts an online placement test for foreign students. In addition, there are many universities in Turkey whose medium of instruction is English.

Unlike intermediary companies in healthcare services, Key Assistance represents a healthcare institution/hospital directly. The hospital it represents, robotic surgery etc. It has the capacity to serve in all branches with advanced health technology such as applications and doctors who are experts in their fields.

For this reason, when you contact the Key Assistance representative in your country or our head office, you directly reach a health institution and receive scientific advice. Thus, without wasting time, you will have the opportunity to finalize your transactions faster. In addition, thanks to Key Assistance’s transportation, interpreting and accommodation services, you will not have any difficulties during the examination and treatment process.

As Key Assistance, we are not alone in this field, but we claim to be the best. We solve health problems that cannot be solved in your country or that require further examination and treatment. Moreover, we provide the opportunity to obtain these solutions with much more economic advantages compared to developed countries.

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