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About Us

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About Us

Key Assistance; It is a company that has branches in Djibouti, Somalia, Algeria, Iraq and Mauritania and works in cooperation with different government institutions and private organizations on a global scale. It works with the best health institutions in Turkey for individuals who want to reach quality health services from Africa, Middle East countries or other countries of the world.

In this context; Key Assistance is the official representative of Liv Hospital hospitals(which is the brand of MLPcare group that is a pioneer in the field of health and Turkey's largest private health institution chain) in African countries and Iraq region. 

Another important field of activity of our company is education tourism. All the necessary support for those who want to study at the university of their dreams, in the department of their choice in Turkey, is provided by members of our Key Assistance family, each of whom is passionate about their job.

In addition, always stay with us for our services that touch your life in many areas such as insurance, assistance services and consultancy.

Everyone needs a key



We are getting ready!

We listen to your problem, your approach. We analyze you not from outside but together with you. We know that above all you need empathy.


We’re Landing on the Field

We do not know everyone, but our focus and target is human. Landing on the field; research, we collect data. Only one rule applies when we land on the field. “Focus on people”


Every Point Is Valuable

We start to process the data we collect from the field. Evaluating the data from an expert point of view; We measure usability. We make what we collect from the field to be used in the field.


Key = Trust

We said everyone needs a key. But a key must be prepared to open the right doors, it must build trust. For a key that will establish trust, For a key that will build trust, the most basic source, the human, is always needed.

Key Assistance Ailemizin Üyeleri

Cholpon Abaidyldaeva

CIS Bölge Sorumlusu

Mohamed Yahya Mohamed Sidina

Ortadoğu Bölge Sorumlusu

Zeynep Urfalıoğlu

Afrika Bölge Sorumlusu

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